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Gabriana Jewelers

Here at Gabriana Jewelers we offer

in-house Custom Jewelry Service.

We MAKE every item , truly from scratch every single time. This means you get a higher quality item and something that truly is unique.


We make girls cry and men weak in the knees

What people say about Gabriana Jewelers!

"Gabriana Jewelers are the definition of world class jewelers. Jack and Sophie are without a doubt the best in the business. I brought in an example of the exact ring that my girlfriend wanted, with the intent of getting a ring made that resembled the example. However, I was absolutely blown away by the talent and expertise I witnessed! Jack and Sophie designed and forged the exact ring I was searching for with total and complete customization, down to every detail. Jack and Sophie throughout the whole process were clear, genuine, and heartwarming. I will, without a doubt, be coming back for years to come. Their prices are hands down the best, and their craftsmanship is unparalleled. The engagement ring they crafted will last a million years, and it looks as though it is worth an equal amount of dollars. This may be a 5-Star review, but if I had it my way it’d be a 10-Star review. Thank you, Jack and Sophie."


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Handmade Jewelry in Novi, Michigan

31196 Beck Rd, Novi, MI 48377

ever&ever® is a thoughtfully curated, customizable bridal collection that inspires brides to create the ring of their dreams.

Official ever&ever® Retailer in Novi, Michigan

Browse our extensive collection of styles, to find the ring that speaks to you.

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